Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just Keep Swimming

A message to anyone that is currently swimming year around.  Yes practicing twice a day in the summer sucks, but just do it.  Those 5 am morning practices aren't much fun either, but enjoy it while you can! Also, if your career is coming to an end...DO NOT STOP SWIMMING.  Yes, I said it.  Don't stop.  You know why? When you get back in the water, which you will some day, swimming becomes much harder.  Your shoulders aren't as flexible, your butt sinks a lot more than it used to, and your arms feel like they weigh 100 pounds.  I had to learn this all the hard way.

Back in the day, I could swim a 50 yard free in 24 seconds and a 100 yard free in 54 seconds.  I won't even try to time myself right now, because I am so embarrassed at what the clock will say.  Seriously, I am really mad at myself for letting all of my years of training go to waste! If only I could go back and tell high school Lindsey to pull her head out of her booty and take advantage of her swimming.  (My past coaches would enjoy hearing that) Really though, I shouldn't have taken swimming for granted.  My mom may have forced me to practice even when I was sick, but it was all for a good reason.  Swimming is the best form of exercise, and you meet some pretty amazing people in the sport. (I may be a little biased ;) ).   Secretly, I miss looking up my heat and lane assignments on that white piece of paper taped to the wall.  Sigh..... Hopefully one day I will be back to my swimmer self and cruising in the pool with little to no effort. Today however, was much different.

Today my arms drug through the water and my legs were jello. (UGHH!!) However, I did love the fact that Max was right there with me the whole time.  He look so cute/dorky in his swim gear because his goggle straps were sticking out like antennae, and his Speedo was a little too high for my liking.  I didn't mind though.  That guy killed himself to keep up with the swim set I was doing.  For a non- swimmer, he did an amazing job! I wish I had his work ethic.

Anyways, I just want to warn those who are still swimming. Please don't stop.  You will lose everything you worked so hard for!! :(

I used to actually be a fish :( 

Here's a video of me, my sister Ashley, and my friend Jordan at a swim meet.  I was 8 years old here and swimming for DVA.

- Lindsey

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